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From $1.90 Offer

Volcano Classic & Digit Starting From $1.90

Purchase a massive collection of volcano classic and digit starting as low as $1.90.
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From $3.90 Offer

Volcano Hybrid Starting From $3.90

Purchase a wide range of volcano hybrid starting as low as $3.90.
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From $2.90 Offer

Part & Accessories Starting From $2.90

Purchase a huge collection of part and accessories starting from $2.90.
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From $3.90 Offer

Part & Accessories Starting From $3.90

Purchase a huge collection of part and accessories starting as low as $3.90.
Expires: Limited Time
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For $699 Offer

Volcano Hybrid For $699

Purchase volcano hybrid for only $699.Made in germany with high-quality materials and workmanship.
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For $249 Offer

Plenty For $249

Purchase plenty for only $249. Shop now at
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15% Off Code

15% Off On Mighty Vaporizer Promo Code

Get a 15% discount on your purchase of a mighty vaporizer that is pocket-sized and it uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction which ensures an efficient vaporization from the very first draw. Shop now at Storz & Bickel.
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Get Code:MY0420
10% Off Code

10% Off On Vaporizers Discount Code

Use this coupon code at checkout and get a 10% discount on your order of any vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. So use the code now before it gets expired.
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For €498 Offer

Volcano Classic Gold Edition For €498

Purchase Storz & Bickel volcano classic gold edition that is made in Germany with high-quality materials and craftsmanship for just €498. Shop now at
Expires: Soon
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From €298 Offer

Portable Vaporizers Starting At €298

In this portable vaporizers collection, Storz & Bickel has the best Vaporizers for you such as its mighty vaporizer and crafty + vaporizer starting from just €298. Shop now at
Expires: Ends Soon
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From €248 Offer

Desktop Vaporizers Starting At €248

Purchase a wide range of desktop vaporizers starting as low as €248. At Storz & Bickel you can find the best quality desktop vaporizers such as volcano classic gold edition vaporizer, plenty vaporizer, etc.
Expires: Soon
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15% Off Code

15% Off On Volcano Classic Coupon Code

Purchase volcano classic vaporizer that has obust and purely electromechanical design and made of high quality materials at the most affordable price and to get a discount of 15% on your order you can use this code at checkout.
Expires: Soon
Get Code:VC0420
From €2 Offer

Parts & Accessories Starting At €2

Purchase a wide range of Storz & Bickel parts and accessories starting as low as €2.
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Storz & Bickel Best Seller Products 2024



The pioneer since then. The Volcano classic has made its place in the hearts of people. If you haven't tried it out yet, this is the time.
Material: Metal
Made: Germany
Control: Analogue
Design: Electromechanical
Price is - USD 479.00


All the features of Volcano classic in one amazing gold plated new look. The Volcano Classic Gold Edition is premium luxury so buy it now.
Material: Gold Plated
Made: Germany
Guarantee: Life Time
Control: Analogue
Price is - USD 599.00
Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer

The plenty vaporizer has a powerful heating system, an extra-wide filling chamber, and an efficient cooling system with first-class flavor, it's unique shape makes it easy to grip so you can take it anywhere, these things makes it the best on all.
SKU: 01 00 P
Flavor : First Class
Color : Black & Silver
Heating : Powerful
Extra Wide: Filling Chamber
Price is - USD 249
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The volcano hybrid vaporizer has new exciting features that make it better than any other vaporizer, it has a rapid heating process within 1 or two minutes and the large screen display so you can control it by just one touch.
SKU: 01 00 H
Heating : 1-2 Minutes
Color : Black & Silver
Made: Germany
Guarantee: Life Time
Control : Touch Button
Price is - USD 699
Crafty + Vaporizer

Crafty + Vaporizer

Looking for a battery-powered vaporizer? this is the best one without any doubt, easy to control with the android mobile app and its new silk design makes it easy to grip.
SKU: 01 01 CY
Temperature: 210°C (410°F)
Color : Black
Warranty: 2 Years
Price is - USD 279

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Storz & Bickel Black Friday 2022 Deals

Storz & Bickel Black Friday 2022 Deals

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STORZ & BICKEL America Inc. 1078 60th St CA 94608 Oakland California
+49 7461 9697070

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About Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel Discount Codes - The Best Approaches To Saving Money On Your Next Vaporizer. 

Check out what Storz & Bickel is and use discount codes. Vaporizers came to change the regular smoking routine for people. This fantastic device made smoking much more satisfying and less harmful for people. The fun thing is that it can do more good than harm to the body. Regular cigarettes carry carcinogens that could cause cancer. Vaporizers ended it by giving the perfect taste and pleasure and reducing those deadly chemicals with a fresh product. This device is all about joy; you need to convert to it and leave the traditional smoke behind.

Buying A Vaporizer

If you are convinced to try out a vaporizer, the store below will be a gold mine for you. It has the best vaporizers for you, so check out Storz & Bickel and see what it offers. You will love it, so read it out. This page also lists Storz & Bickel Discount Code, so read till the end to find out.

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

Vaporizers became common when Storz came across a picture that displayed a man smoking something from a pipe. The detail written beside the picture told that this was a method of inhaling herbs to cure diseases. This inspired Storz, and he started working on something that could be used for inhaling herbs. He finally came up with the best vaporizers. Storz & Bickel is the only place approved to manufacture and sell vaporizers for medical purposes. These vaporizers are medically approved and certified to cure diseases. Storz and Bickel coupons can help you save money on your Vaporizers purchase.

Smoking herbs proved the best way to deliver medicinal herbs to the system. Storz & Bickel vaporizer is the first-ever vaporizer that doesn't leave any harmful residues from its combustion reaction. These vaporizers do not impact your health, so you need to check them out. Let's go with the history of the first-ever vaporizer from Storz & Bickel.

How It All Started

You have never thought smoking could be healthy. Well, vaporizers have been beneficial since 1996 when Germany-based Markus Storz first saw a person bent over a large water pipe in the German magazine Hanf. The article with the photo suggested that the person was inhaling herbs, which inspired Storz to invent a vaporizer used for herbal intake.

Storz's struggle gave us Volcano, which proved to be the first herbal vaporizer.


The Birth Of Storz & Bickel Volcano

Storz started working from his garage to create the most elite vaporizer in the market. An easy-to-use smokeless consumption device that was named Volcano. The original Volcano was made of stainless steel and got its name from its shape. It would fill up with vapor through a bag-and-valve delivery system built into it. The Volcano pushed hot air through the Cannabis, creating smoke without combustion. At the time, smaller models trapped vapor inside a dome to be inhaled with a tube. Storz's version also enabled passing and created a more social experience by filling up a large turkey bag with smoke.

The Fame

Since its invention, the Volcano has developed a significant following among connoisseurs. When the vaping parties in the U.S. peaked, the Volcano's notoriety was propelled by frequent appearances in American pop culture, with music videos, songs, films, and series giving mass appeal and instant recognition to the product among people. Over two decades, this cone-shaped desktop device has become a status symbol for discerning smokers and prominent collectors. Using a Storz & Bickel vaporizer is an unparalleled experience, best described as feeling like consuming cannabis flower for the first time. The Volcano Classic is the best-known and most desired vaporizer on the market, without any surprise.

The Volcano's fame was boosted in the early 2000s among cannabis enthusiasts. At that time, Storz and Bickel were focused on making the vaporizer better. The key priority was giving a health-focused consumption experience. The device was intended to be a medical device that could provide a health-focused, clean, safe, and combustion-free vaping experience, unlike smoking dried Cannabis. This was interesting for many Cannabis smokers, leading them to try the Volcano.


Research and ongoing testing followed as the Volcano and its additional parts were refined. Storz & Bickel received a patent for the VOLCANO's detachable balloon in 1999, an iconic piece of equipment in the cannabis community. The balloon made its place in society not only for social consumption and dosing but also because it served as an effective way for people to consume heated herbs without the risk of combustion. The balloon itself was designed to be patient-friendly. Those using it to help with sleep are neither hot nor electrical, which helps to minimize the risk if the patient falls asleep while using the device.

Gold Standard

The Volcano was famous because it was the first device that created no combustion contaminants. For this reason, it soon became the gold standard and preferred vaporizer for lab studies. Research showed that the blood plasma directly absorbed cannabinoids through the Volcano without an increase in carbon monoxide, which proved that the Volcano could deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream in a healthier way.

Medical Vaporizer

After all the research, the Storz & Bickel Vapor Factory claimed to be the world's first factory to produce medical cannabis vaporizers. This certification means that the brand complies with all requirements to make medical devices, such as the Volcano Medic, a first-of-its-kind medical herbal vaporizer with European accreditation as a recognized medical device. The Volcano Medic is now distributed to patients across Europe, Canada, Australia, and Israel as part of the VaporMed brand.

The company understands what people think of Vaporizers, and recent misconceptions among people regarding Cannabis and Vaping motivate the company to keep working for a health-derived Vaping experience.

There are two types of Medic you can purchase. Both are medically approved medical cannabis vaporizers and are available according to how you want to use them. Choose either the Volcano Medic or Mighty Medic. 

How to purchase the best desktop and portable vaporizer 

 Conduction vapes are more affordable, and producing vapes efficiently tastes good. Its major pros are giving the best Vaping experience with thick vape and the most significant odor. But the downside of conduction vape is its Chamber used to heat up, which causes the burning of herbs, which can cause harshness to the throat and lead to the waste of substance. It also has less battery life than convection. 

Who Is It for?

Storz & Bickel is creating products for patients and people who want to have a great taste or Cannabis smoke-free. It is for anyone who hates combustion and wants an environment-friendly vaporizer. The Volcano is made especially for you to give it a shot and let your body absorb cannabinoids.


Storz & Bickel is creating products for patients and people who want to have a great taste or Cannabis smoke-free. It is for anyone who hates combustion and wants an environment-friendly vaporizer. The Volcano is made especially for you to give it a shot and let your body absorb cannabinoids.

Storz & Bickel Products

Storz & Bickel created many products after the success of their research. Each of these vaporizers has its specialty, design, and functionality. The major categories include vaporizers and accessories, so let's discuss what else is present under subcategories.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers can be used after setting them up on the desktop. They are great as they are bigger and better. You can use these Vaporizers for gatherings, and they have a great appearance that you will love to check out and use when you see them. They are entirely adjustable, and you can adjust the settings according to your preferred ones and enjoy your time. They provide temperature control and many other features, so check them out now. Also, get some great discounts using Storz & Bickel Coupons.

The first desktop vaporizer was the Storz & Bickel Volcano. The name comes because of its shape, which resembles a volcano. Modification of volcano came into different forms as follows.


The Volcano Classic has been the pioneer ever since the company started. This fantastic vaporizer is impressed by its robust and purely electromechanical design. This vaporizer's working life has gone through outstanding craftsmanship to make it long using high-quality materials. This product is made in Germany. Get a discount when you use Storz & Bickel Coupons.

Volcano Classic Gold Edition

Volcano Classic is now 20 years old, which means beauty has come its way. It now has a 24-carat gold new look with the same sustainability and long life as before. You can get the gold edition Volcano Classic for a price of USD 479 and get the most luxurious pleasure. Moreover, with Storz & Bickel Coupons, you can purchase the Volcano classic gold edition at a discount.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano hybrid combines the iconic Volcano classic with exciting new features such as inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve balloon. Volcano Hybrid has a speedy heating process taking 1 - 2 minutes max. The analog system is replaced by control panels integrated with the large display, and they can be used via a touch button. You can purchase Volcan Hybrid at a discount using Storz & Bickel Coupons. The new Storz & Bickel mobile application gives you complete control. These are some features that make the Volcano Hybrid famous.

Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty vaporizer comes with plenty of space with the extra-wide filling chamber. The features include Powerful heating, efficient cooling, and much more in a single device. Save on Plenty Vaporizer with Storz & Bickel Coupons. This product gives you plenty of vapor with a first-class flavor.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers provide you with a great feature. You can carry them anywhere and use them wherever you want. Unlike desktop vaporizers, you can take them quickly anywhere and use them. The parts are almost the same as the desktop vaporizers, providing you with complete control over all the settings. They are also adjustable according to your desired settings. So you do not have to worry about anything and enjoy as you please. Get discounts on portable vaporizers with Storz & Bickel Coupons.


Other than vaporizers, you can also find some great accessories for your purchased vaporizer model from Storz & Bickel. They have complete accessories for your products, making it worth buying from Storz & Bickel. There is a massive collection of products, and all their accessories are available, so you never have to look everywhere for them. You can purchase them from Storz & Bickel.

Storz & Bickel Product Pricing

The products at Storz & Bickel have different pricing depending on the features and quality. This price also depends on the type of vaporizer that you select. The prices start at USD 250, and you can purchase these. These are affordable, and you can buy them according to your budget. We suggest choosing the lowest plan and purchasing the one that best suits you if you like the product. We have checked the reviews for the products, and we see them as the best to buy, so think no more and get the product immediately. You can reduce the pricing using Storz & Bickel Coupons. 

Storz&Bickel Discount Codes

Storz&Bickel is a great store and has the most affordable plans for you, so you should try them out now and get the best out of these fantastic products. Along with these affordable prices, you can also find some great coupon codes to get additional discounts on your orders. We have not only the best and verified Storz & Bickel coupons but also promo codes, discount codes, deals, and offers published here on coupons are exceptional, as you can use them to save money on your shopping from Storz & Bickel. We check and update all these coupon codes, deals, and discounts daily, and we add new deals for you, so check them out now and save money on your online shopping.

A device that has gained popularity among adults over the past few years. E-cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), e-hookahs, and vapes are different names for vaporizers. A vaporizer contains nicotine and other cannabis, flavoring substances, or other chemicals powered by a battery and used to inhale by the consumers. As per multiple researches, the number of vape users has increased in contrast with the declining number of smokers. It is considered less unhealthy and addictive than cigarettes, but its frequent and higher consumption can produce hazardous results.

Multiple aspects of vaporizers that are most demanding and desired among consumers that increase its consumption and purchase

While purchasing a vaporizer, a consumer should consider the mentioned general aspects

  1. Price: price is the most crucial aspect a buyer assumes while buying a vaporizer, whether a desktop or a portable one. Multiple companies such as Storz and Bickel come up with various prices that vary over the quality and quantity. 

  2. Battery life: another significant component that impacts the purchase of a perfect vaporizer as per one's need is the battery. Every consumer wants that thing to be user-friendly and easy to rely on. Different types of vaporizers have different kinds of battery and storage systems, such as direct (wall outlet) or USB, etc.
  3. Taste: nowadays, the market offers a wide range of flavors according to the customers' demands and desires. These tastes are a large variety of flavors. 

  4. Portability: in this era, everything that is more favorable among the purchasers is portability, which is easy to carry and take on. Vape are more portable than any other inhaling device. 

  5. Quantity: it varies from consumer to consumer and the category which is being opted by the purchasers. For instance, desktop vaporizers are higher in amount than portable vaporizers. 

  6. Temperature control: most traditional vapes do not allow the consumer to control the temperature as needed, but recently introduced vapes have emphasized the condition of temperature control. Storz and Bickel have a vast range of controllable temp vapes. 

  7. Cleaning and maintenance: it must be mentioned on the packaging of the vaporizer how to maintain and keep that vape clean. A user must know the dire need to clean the vape at least once a week (depending upon the frequency of usage). 

  8. Manufacturing material: a vape could be manufactured with multiple materials, i.e., glass, metal, plastic, or silicon. They could be opted for depending on the ease, budget, and requirement. 

  9. Vaping substance: a vape might contain dried herbs, liquids, i.e., oils or e-liquids and wax, etc.

Being more specific regarding the purchase of desktop and portable vaporizers

As everything has pros and cons, the purchasing experience for both can vary among foreign buyers. Both desktop and portable vaporizers have three heating systems.

Convection vapes are considered a more sophisticated, modern, and convenient mode of vaporizers. It works when a substance is heated up passively, unlike the conduction vape substance, which is not burnt. It’s gaining popularity among consumers due to the best flavor quality and experience with temperature control. Apart from being a little more expensive than the conduction vapes, it comes up with multiple varieties and modes, such as whip and bag inhalation. After a few seconds of warm-up, it starts working amazingly. Its downside might be the less sufficient battery life when someone is planning for a friend’s session.

Hybrid: the more sophisticated and digital version of vapes that incorporates the qualities of conduction and convection systems. Its cartridge contains both cannabis sativa herbs and indica strains. It shows the exact control of temperature with an LED desktop. It is considered more user-friendly, easy to carry, has the best temperature control, and has multiple options such as whip and bag inhalation, such as volcano. Nowadays, some hybrid vapes are Bluetooth-controlled. These vapes are also considered less hazardous because they are designed to bring relaxation and relief from stress and muscular pain. 

Storz & Bickel an amazing store addressed as STORZ & BICKEL America Inc. 1078 60th St CA 94608 Oakland California. It always works for providing the best customer services and its workers are always willing to help you if you face any kind of problem ever. It has always helped its customers in the best possible way. It has a team of best working pupils from all over the world. So for any help, you can use the chatbox at For any queries you can always e-mail at or you can use the phone number +49 7461 9697070. You can find details and latest offers from the store by liking the store’s social media pages at Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and following the store at Twitter . To get the most helpful info about the store you can consult Wikipedia to find out the reviews of the customers along with the store details. Download the store app for your mobile phone from the playstore for Android and the appstore for Iphone users so you can stay in touch with the store in a much easier way and stay updated with the latest coupons code, promo codes, discount codes promotional deals and offers. And for the much discounted offers and deals and the latest discount vouchers, coupon codes and promo codes, you can always visit Savingarena.

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