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Bright Data(formerly review and discount codes are listed here. Bright data is the best residential proxy provider which gives you access to over 100 million residential IP addresses for use. Everyone hates being blocked from the internet. You may find many sites not working in your country and this is not good. You need to visit those sites and for this, you need the best proxy provider in the world. Bright Data offers residential proxies to 223 countries of the world. Bright Data competes to be the number 1 proxy provider in the world and it is successful in getting the place with thousands of happy customers from all over the world. Bright Data review and deals are listed below on this page at SavingArena. We have listed the best Bright Data discount coupons for you using which you can catch up to a 25% discount on your purchase. Bright Data is best at providing static residential IPs and we are best at finding the perfect deals you need. We check and update all these discounts and deals every day and bring new deals whenever we find them. Keep visiting for more Bright Data promotions.

Bright Data Offers & Discount Codes


10% Off On Yearly Subscription

Grab a 10% discount on all data center plan's yearly subscriptions. The offer is valid for a limited time only, Subscribe now before the offer gets expired.
Till Now: Limited Time Offer
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$600 Off On Data Center Yearly Starter Plan

Get a huge discount of $600 on data center starter plan's yearly subscription. Subscribe now and save a huge amount of money on your subscription at Bright Data!
Till Now: Soon
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$4080 Off On Data Center Plus Plan

Save $4080 of your money on the data center plus plan yearly subscription. Subscribe now and save now while the offer expires.
Till Now: Soon
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$1200 Off On Production Plan Yearly Subscription

Get a data center production plan for just $900 per month Also you can get a discount of $1200 when you subscribe for a yearly subscription to the data center production plan.
Till Now: Soon
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$36000 Off On Data Center Enterprise Plan

Get $36000 off on the data center enterprise plan yearly subscription. That includes data center for $0.40/IP+$0.045/GB, Residential for $2.70/GB, ISP for $2.70/GB+$0.50/IP, and Mobile for $13.50/GB.
Till Now: Soon
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Pay As You Go Plan Subscription

Get pay as you go plan subscription that have data Center for $0.65/ip+$0.10/gb, Residential for $17.50/gb, Isp for $20.00/gb+$0.50/ip, Mobile for $42.00/gb.
Till Now: Soon
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Data Center Proxies Plus Plan For $3,400/Mo

Get data center proxies plus plan that includes datacenter for $0.50/IP + $0.07/GB, Residential for $8.50/GB, ISP for $8.50/GB+$0.50/IP and mobile for $26/GB. The whole plan costs just $3,400 per month.
Till Now: Soon
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Data Center Proxies Production Plan For $1,000/Mo

Get data center proxies production plan for only $1,000 per month including datacenter for $0.55/IP+$0.085/GB, Residential for $10.00/GB, ISP for $10.00/GB+$0.50/IP, and mobile for $28.00/GB.
Till Now: Soon
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Data Center Proxies Starter Plan For $500/Mo

Get datacenter proxies starter plan that includes data center for $0.60/IP+$0.095/GB, Residential for $12.50/GB, ISP for $12.50/GB + $0.50/IP, and Mobile for $30/GB. Buy the whole plan for just $500 per month.
Till Now: Soon
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Data Center Proxies Enterprise Plan For $30,000/Mo

Buy data center proxies enterprise plan for just $30,000 per month that includes data center for $0.40/IP+$0.05/GB, Residential for $3.00/GB, ISP for $3.00/GB+$0.50/IP, and mobile for $15.00/GB.
Till Now: Soon
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About Bright Data

Almost 60% of the worldwide web is not accessible across the world. Some of the websites operate only in their respective countries. Some block your IP address for spam or other similar activities. Some of these websites are those which you need to access but how? You might have tried different proxies but they don’t actually work. There might be many reasons for these. One being the most common is the website knows about these proxies and they block them. So how are you supposed to access these websites without getting blocked? This could be done if you have millions of IP addresses that are real and in separate countries of the world. Sounds insane right, but what if we could tell you this is possible. You could have millions of real IP addresses and you do not have to spend lots of money on them. You can find them at a place called Bright Data.

Bright Data(Formerly is an online residential proxy provider and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that bright data is the world’s best residential proxy provider. Bright data came to the market to bring light to the lives of people accessing the web. The reason for this was to make the web transparent to everyone. No more blocks now when you have Bright Data residential proxy service. They will help you get through all these blocks and access any website you want.

What You Get:

Bright Data gives you access to over 35 million real residential IP addresses situated in different places of the world. You can access them and access any website you want. Along with this, bright data proxies keep you secure from online attacks and fraudulent activities. Millions of people face fraud online every year. Say no to these fraudulent individuals with Bright Data proxies. They will keep you secure. Bright data gives you Unlimited Data Sources to connect and automate all your data sources including marketing, sales, site analytics, social, store, mobile in order to create a rich data set that provides the insight you need in a single, unified platform. 

With all this, you get a customizable dashboard that is dynamic and flexible in every possible way. You can configure it according to your needs and keep track of everything. No matter what you want to focus on, bright data has a dashboard that will tell you exactly what you want to know. You can also take a screenshot of your dashboard directly from the panel and share it with anyone. Bright Data is the best when it comes to an easily accessible and user-friendly platform.

What you pay:

Bright Data has different pricing plans for different requirements. The starter plan starts at $500 a month. The production, plus, and enterprise plans cost $1000, $3400, and $30,000 per month respectively. You can choose a plan according to your requirements. If you take my advice, you should go for the yearly plans because you can get a 10% discount on your proxy purchase. Taking the yearly plan could save you some money so go for it. Don’t worry about getting your money wasted, you are investing in the right place so try it out now. Bright Data has a lot of satisfied users so you have nothing to worry about. You can go for the yearly plan or the monthly plan, whatever you prefer and one thing is assured, you will be satisfied and would recommend bright data to your friends and other people. Try them out and let us know your thoughts.

How to save money at Bright Data:

Bright Data helps you save money on your purchase if you go for the yearly plan. You can save up to 10% on your purchase with the yearly plan. Bright Data has just this one discount at the moment. If Bright Data provides any other discounts in the future, we will let you know immediately so you do not miss any deals. Keep visiting every day as we bring new deals and offers and update the existing ones. By visiting daily, you make sure that any new deals and offers are not expired before you use them.

Bright Data an amazing store addressed as 3 Hamahshev St., Netanya 4250713, Israel (POB 8025) Beit Ariel – Ground floor, Poleg Industrial Ce. It always works for providing the best customer services and its workers are always willing to help you if you face any kind of problem ever. It has always helped its customers in the best possible way. It has a team of best working pupils from all over the world. So for any help, you can use the chatbox at For any queries you can always e-mail at or you can use the phone number +1 888-538-9204. You can find details and latest offers from the store by liking the store’s social media pages at Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and following the store at Twitter . To get the most helpful info about the store you can consult Wikipedia to find out the reviews of the customers along with the store details. Download the store app for your mobile phone from the playstore for Android and the appstore for Iphone users so you can stay in touch with the store in a much easier way and stay updated with the latest coupons code, promo codes, discount codes promotional deals and offers. And for the much discounted offers and deals and the latest discount vouchers, coupon codes and promo codes, you can always visit Savingarena.
Bright Data Contact
3 Hamahshev St., Netanya 4250713, Israel (POB 8025) Beit Ariel – Ground floor, Poleg Industrial Ce
+1 888-538-9204

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